Super Spines Gift Baskets
Super Spines Gift Baskets
Super Spines Gift Baskets

Curve the Stress. Elevate the Joy.

Our Super Spines charity baskets are created from the generous gifts of our donors. Our baskets are meant to help bring joy, reduce anxiety and stress of pediatric patients that have had spine surgery. Our baskets contain several items for boys and girls to make the road to recovery a little easier.

Super Spines Baskets contain :

Flushable Wet Wipes

Coloring Book

Colored Pencils

Fleece throw blanket

Uno Cards

Playing Cards

Personal portable bidet sprayer

Fidget Spinners

Reusable Water Bottle

Rinse Free Bath Sponges

Warm Pals – heated stuffed animal

Aveeno face wipes (girls basket)

DUDE face wipes (boys basket)

ChapStick lip balm

Hair ties (girls basket only)

Plant Therapy Scented Oil

Menstrual underwear (girls basket only)

Sugar free chewing gum

Oversized T-Shirt

Roll-on essential oil

Stress ball

Help create a basket for a patient at the hospital.

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