Madison de la Roza’s story

My name is Madison de la Roza. I am a 16 year old junior attending Bishop Moore Catholic High School in Orlando Florida. When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and the doctor recommended a back brace to correct the lower curvature of my spine. I would wear this brace every night until I was in the 8th grade, pulling the brace’s straps as far as they would go to ensure it was straightening my spine. My nights were sleepless as I tossed and turned to find what little comfort I could in a brace that encompassed my entire torso.

Scoliosis brace
Madison’s X-ray

Everything took a turn for the worse when in 8th grade I went for my routine checkup and found out the brace hadn’t worked. My spine had a 50 degree curve in the lumbar region and a 30 degree curve at the top. Surgery was inevitable. My head started to spin and my hands started to tremble as I felt the anxiety start to arise. Surgery was scheduled the summer before my freshman year to ensure I had enough time to recover before the school year because of the 6 month recovery time.

Ultimately, the surgery was unavoidable and on July 23, 2022 I underwent the spinal fusion procedure. I had two titanium rods inserted in my back fusing seven vertebrate in my spine. The surgery included 5 grueling days in the ICU and months of recovery. I was unable to do anything on my own for weeks. I could not walk on my own, bathe or even use the rest room without assistance. Everything was a struggle.

Madison de la Roza post surgery
Madison’s support team

While the whole experience was the most mentally and physically exhausting thing I have ever been through, it was my greatest learning moment. I learned how to accept the uncertainty in a situation I had no control over which has helped me overcome and cope with my anxiety. It proved to me I was stronger than I thought I was and how God has a plan for me despite this overwhelming obstacle. This experience also helped me realize how fortunate I was to have a family so present and loving as they showered me with unconditional love and provided me with anything that could help me become more comfortable. They brought me food, blankets, toys, music, personal cleaning products and so much more.

This inspired me to create Super Spines, so I could support those who had the same condition as me by providing them with comfort and care to ease the pain during a difficult time. This helps prove to them they can get back on their feet and continue to enjoy the activities they enjoyed before surgery. After 6 months of recovery in February 2023, I was able to start as the quarterback of JV flag football putting up over 150 points in the season. I am thrilled to be back for my 2024 season in the spring and want to prove to those affiliated with scoliosis that this is something they can recover fully from. By bringing attention to scoliosis and providing care for children affected by it is just one of the ways in which I can give back to my community in a way that is personal to me. The scar on my back is a constant reminder of how strong I am and how much I have overcome. My scar is not something to be ashamed of, but a symbol of pride.

Madison Boudet de la Roza

Madison’s 7 year surgical journey

Spinal Fusion Surgery

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